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Pasture-Raised Beef, Pork and Eggs

At Four Mile River Farm, we strive to raise the healthiest animals possible by providing a natural stress-free environment.

Our cattle are pasture-raised, grazing on local open pasture. In the Winter months when grasses are sparse, they feed on hay from our fields and all-vegetarian corn silage and grain. Our pigs are housed in open pens and are grain and milk fed. Our eggs come from free-range chickens that enjoy a rich natural diet.

Our corn and grain are milled in Connecticut, and pastures are naturally fertilized. We do not use antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones.

We have a clean, locally inspected, modern processing facility right at the farm where we age, cut, vacuum pack and fast freeze our meats.  We also have an excellent relationship with Noack's Meats (in Meriden, CT) for the preparation of our quality nitrate free all beef hotdogs and kielbasa.

We do all this for the health and best interests of our animals, and our customers.


If you’ve got the freezer space, ask about buying beef cuts by the side! Buying in bulk means big savings!

Pasture-Raised Aged Beef

We believe that great stock makes for great steak. Taste the difference. Our pasture-raised beef is available at our farm stand, and at seasonal farm markets.

If you’ve got the freezer space, ask about buying beef cuts by the side! Buying in bulk means big savings!

Our small herd is made up of Angus, Hereford and Charloisis steer.

They enjoy fresh grass on local naturally fertilized open pasture, as well as Connecticut milled corn and grain for a well rounded natural diet.

Their bedding is clean untreated wood sawdust from a local saw mill

USDA inspected and approved.

Our beef is aged five weeks then cut on the sixth for best tenderness.

Antibiotic-free, chemical-free, hormone-free and steroid-free.

Cut selection includes aged 1-1/2 inch thick Porterhouse, T-Bone, Rib Steak, Sirloin and Top Round London Broil.

Ground beef available in bulk 1lb packages, and patties.

Try our quality beef hotdogs and kielbasa!

All meats are cut, wrapped, fresh-frozen, and labeled to order.

Open Pen-Raised Pork

Our Yorkshire open pen-raised pork is available by the order, including pork cuts by the side. Give us a call, or drop us an email to learn more.

Free-Range Eggs

Round golden yolks and strong shells are the mark of a well fed and contented chicken. Our fresh free-range eggs are available at our farm stand, and at seasonal farm markets.

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